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All advantages of the free counter service:

  • Counter free of charge for your homepage
  • More than 50 different counter designs
  • Detailed referrer overviews after months retrievable
  • Searching words / search machine evaluation after months retrievable!
  • Invisible counters possibly
  • Visitor's statistics after hours, days, months and years
  • Guest statistics / public visitor's statistics optionally
  • Reloads adjustable (from 15 to 120 minutes)
  • Counter state by hand adjustable

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Other features, user's wishes and improvements coming soon:

  • Top List: Most popular counter designs
  • Counter Graphics Upload

3 Good reasons - Why you should choose as visitor counter:

Performance: No free 08/15 standard counter service software, we have developed all program parts ourselves and tested the application for a longer period on several web pages.

Clarity: With features like monthly referrer lists and easy to understand statistics we offer exactly the information which is important for most webmaster. In addition, there are monthly search word statistics for popular search engines sorted according to frequency.

Free of charge: The use of our counter service is free, we also show no advertisement or similar with the counter. The only condition of use: The counter code may not be changed, i.e. the counter picture must always be linked to our service or the guest statistics. (Also in invisible mode)

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