FAQ - Frequently asked questions and answers

Does the counter support SSL? (Https)

Yes, the counter can also be installed on websites with active SSL encryption!

Will no ads be displayed?

No, no advertising banners or popups. Even the invisible counter is absolutely free of advertising!

Where can I get the source code for my counter?

You can generate the correct code for your counter in the webmaster section. After that you just have to install it in your homepage.

Why is my referrer list empty?

In order to record all referrers, you have to add the referrer code as well as the counter code at the end of the website. You will find the additional code in the webmaster area under HTML code.

How can I delete my account / counter?

You can easily delete your counter as well as all stored data and statistics in the webmaster area, please click Settings -> Counter.

Is the number of visitors per day limited?

No, but for larger sites with more than 10,000 visitors a day we recommend a more comprehensive analysis software such as Google Analytics.

Do you have more homepage tools for Webmasters?

Sure, our free guestbook service Guestbook-Free.com hosts nearly 100,000 guestbooks of private individuals, clubs and companies from all over the world.

At Seitencheck.com you can automatically check the reachability of your website, in the event of an error you will receive an email.

News about our service.
  • Server relocation and updates

    Tonight a planned relocation of Free-Count.com to a new server took place. All conversions have been successfully completed and in addition we have installed some updates to further improve our counter service.

  • Relaunch 2017

    After almost 10 years, our service has now been completely redesigned and is now also convenient to use with a smartphone or tablet. The statistics have been expanded and, in addition to a greatly improved look, new information has also been added to the visitor information.

  • SSL available (https)

    From now on, all counters can also be reached with SSL. For this, only the countercode has to be minimally changed. https:// instead of http://

  • Small downtime due to server reboot

    The system is currently being revised; minimal downtime (<10 minutes) may occur in the next few hours. We ask for your understanding.